The Services We Offer

At Wierda Car Service Centre we know the importance of routine maintenance and that it is the most important part to ensure the safety and durability of your vehicle. For this reason, our professional technicians are thorough in their inspections when you service your vehicle through us.

For the safety of your vehicle it is important that your car should have a routine check-up every 10000kms/1year. By ensuring that a routine check-up is done, the professional and qualified technicians can identify any potential hazards or parts that are worn down.


Why choose Wierda Car Service Centre as your service provider:

We are small enough to offer real value and customer service

We offer an affordable service of the highest standard, giving you peace of mind.

The technicians at Wierda are trained on all the latest technologies and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any faults in your car as quickly and as accurately as possible.

As customer service is important to us, we keep you informed about your car servicing and anything unexpected that might need to be carried out so that there aren’t any surprises at the end.

Any parts that need to be replaced will be of the same quality as those that were originally fitted on your car.

We ensure that the high standards you expect are maintained at all times.